Our farmers and artisan market was founded to help grow our neighborhood’s local infrastructure by establishing a marketplace that brought farmers, gardeners, crafters and artisans together with customers in and around the Riverside community. Taking place every Sunday from April to October, attendees can expect to enjoy locally produced agricultural products, hand crafted good and processed foods. Market goers can expect attractive pricing on fruits and vegetables that are fresh and in season as well as goods created with their community in mind.

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Chefs & Restaurants

  • We’d Love You at our market Cooking Demonstrations
At select markets, we will host local chefs and restaurants to craft culinary experiences that feature high quality products available at the market. This is a great way to get ideas for your next meal!
  • Source your ingredients from our markets
What better way to shop for fresh produce and high quality ingredients than with your local farmers? Our vendors have a variety of products to suit your culinary needs.

Now accepting Double SNAP / EBT Dollars

Our market accepts Double SNAP (food stamps / can process EBT cards)!
Simply stop by our market information table. swipe your EBT card and use your tokens to purchase delicious, fresh food while meeting your local farmers, artisans and neighbors.

Dog Policy

Our market welcomes all of our neighbors including dogs and dog lovers. Please note our dog policy as you plan your next trip to our market!
  1. Owners are responsible and will be held liable for their dogs. Dogs must stay with their (adult) owner or designated watcher at all times and must be under control. Only short, non-expandable leashes are allowed at the market.
  2. Owners should be considerate of other market attendees and vendors… not everyone is a dog lover.
  3. Dogs must remain away from produce, plants, food products, and displays. Dog owners are responsible for purchasing items damaged as a result of their pet.
  4. Dogs must be socialized with other dogs and children. Barking, growling, and aggressive dogs are not allowed.
  5. Dog owners must clean up after their pet.



Bolton Road Farmers & Artisan Market founders may request owners remove dogs from the market if the above rules are violated. Thank you for helping us keep our market safe and comfortable for everyone.